What is the Next Save Point?

by Joshua Russo



As a kid, I was always on my video games during the weekends and summers. I loved gaming and still do today. I hated when it was time to turn off my system. I learned I could barter with my mother for just a few more minutes of game time if I just told her I needed to get to the next save point before I could turn it off.

Today that saying has a different meaning. Back then I didn’t have anything better to do than play video games. Today I have many things I should do first. I still find myself playing at hours late in the night that I have no business being awake in. Should I go to bed? Should I clean my garage? Should I start folding my laundry? Sure, after the next save point.

The Next Save Point is about playing and enjoying video games knowing we will never be done. There will always be more puzzles to solve, more princesses to save, more guns to shoot, more treasure to find and more pokemon to catch. There are not enough hours in our lives to experience all of the adventures the medium of video games have to offer us. We can only play what we can and when we feel as if it’s time to quit we remind ourselves we only need to make it to the next save point.

Joshua Russo

Editor in Chief at Next Save Point




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Josh has been playing video games since before he learned how to read and write. He fell in love with both and eventually combined the two to create the Next Save Point. His favorite video game series' are Pokémon, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Dragon Quest, Fallout and Borderlands.

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