Daily Checkpoint – Rainbow Six Beta, Rocket League: Fury Road, OH GOD A MEAN GIRLS GAME

Miss today’s stories? Good thing you’ve hit the checkpoint.

  • Rainbow Six Siege is getting an open beta next week. It will run from November 25th through the 29th before the game releases on December 1st. Check out the new live action trailer:

  • Darkest Dungeon will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita in spring of 2016. The dungeon crawler adds a new spin to the genre by tackling the psychological anguish one would expect would occur during the horrific adventure.
  • Pushing back from the scheduled February release, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will now launch August 23rd, 2016.
  • Rocket League is getting some new DLC in December. Choas Run is a post-apocalyptic wasteland themed pack is full of new content and looks quite Mad Max-ish. The announcement video is here:
  • Pocket Gems just released a previously unannounced game for mobile devices, Mean Girls: Senior Year. The game takes place during the next school year after the original film. Create a character and join The Plastics at North Shore while going toe to toe with Regina George to get into your dream college. If you like high school drama, playing dress up, or if perhaps maybe you’re a grown ass man with an undying love for the original film, you might want to download the game from the Apple or Google Play store. Check out the trailer here:



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