Daily Checkpoint – Gravity Rushes, Resident Remaster, Six More Episodes of Winter

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  • Gravity Rush Remastered is rushing to release a week earlier than planned. The originally scheduled launch date of February 9th has been moved up a week to February 2nd. This news was confirmed on Twitter by Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s Nick Accordino earlier today.


  • Xbox Live Gold members can get access the Xbox Black Friday sale starting today, while regular members must wait until November 24th. Xbox One and Xbox 360 games are marked down in price, with an additional discount for Gold members.
  • Earlier today Bungie revealed via the Destiny Instagram that new and old exotics are being added in the December patch. Some of the old exotics are receiving the Year 2 treatment.
  • Gametsu has noted that the Korean Game Rating Board has entered a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One rating for Biohazard 6, better known in the west as Resident Evil 6. Capcom has yet to announce anything official, but the Korean Game Rating Board has correctly leaked Resident Evil games once before.
  • Telltale Games CEO Kevin Bruner has confirmed that a second season of Game of Thrones is in development. Bruner declined to say how far along in the development process Telltale is, so as far as a release window goes, we know nothing.


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