8-bit Rick Grimes comes to PS4 in The Escapists The Walking Dead next month

by Joshua Russo



Team17 had a great year in 2015, releasing a surprise hit with the prison breakout game The Escapists. Then in the summer they followed up with The Escapists The Walking Dead on Steam and Xbox One, which follows the story of Rick Grimes in the popular zombie comic book.

Today Team17 announced The Escapists The Walking Dead is also head in to the PlayStation 4. The game recounts the comic book story of Rick Grimes in full 8-but glory all the way through the first 83 issues of the long running series.

Players must account for their group’s safety, craft tools and weapons, maintain the compound and of course deal with the number one problem…zombies, lots of them.

Expect to see many other popular characters from the series such as Maggie, Glenn and Michonne, just to name a few. Players will also visit five settings from the comic and television show; Harrison Memorial Hospital, the Greene Family Farm, Meriwether Correctional Facility, Woodbury and Alexandria.

The Escapists The Walking Dead is launching on PlayStation 4 on February 16th.



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