Pokémon Go’s GDC presentation has been cancelled

by Joshua Russo



According to the Game Developers Conference webpage, the presentation for Pokémon Go has been cancelled. The event was scheduled to be 30 minutes in length and was expected to give players a first look into the new augmented reality game running in action.

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Niantic, the augmented reality developer who is working on Pokémon Go has released a statement to Gamespot via their CEO John Hanke:

“We have decided to forego our GDC talk on Pokemon Go in order to focus on getting the product ready for beta test and launch. As much as we hate to disappoint those in the industry attending GDC, we feel our time and energy right now are best spent on making sure every aspect of the product is where we want it to be.”


Pokémon Go is expected to release on mobile devices sometime later this year.



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