PlayStation VR Price Announced

by Travis Costello

Staff Writer

During their keynote at the 2016 Game Developers Conference, Sony has finally announced the price of the PlayStation VR headset at $399 US which will be available sometime this October. Admitting the launch is later than previously expected, President and Global CEO, Andrew House, released a statement thanking everyone for their “patience and continued support”.

“For over two decades, we’ve aspired to take gamers somewhere greater and we believe that  virtual reality is the next step on that journey and will usher in an entirely new era on that journey”, House said.

With over 230 developers working on PlayStation VR titles, we are expected to see at least 50 games at launch, including the six free games that come with the Playroom VR, a free download for all PS VR owners.VR_Box

The $399 price tag makes the PlayStation VR the lowest amongst it’s competitors. With the Oculus Rift retailing at $599 and the HTC Vive launching at $799, the PlayStation headset is set to be the entry level VR in the marketplace.

The headset will also require the use of the PlayStation 4 along with a PlayStation Camera which will not be included in the box, according to a tweet from PlayStation UK.





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