Nintendo to stop production on Wii U consoles later this year, report says

by Joshua Russo



Rumors of Nintendo unveiling a new console later this year have more credibility if his latest report is to be believed. According to Nikkei, Nintendo has plans to cease production on Nintendo Wii U consoles sometime this year. Nikkei is a well respected Japanese news outlet that has reported accurately on Nintendo rumors in the past. They claim that poor sales of the Wii U and low consumer interest in the product are the primary reasons that Nintendo is choosing to forgo further production on the console.

The report claims that Nintendo has already stopped production on a number of Wii U accessories as well. The Nintendo Wii, the Wii U’s predecessor, sold over 100 million units during its life cycle, while the Wii U sold an underwhelming 12.6 million.

The NX, Nintendo’s rumored successor to the Wii U, is expected to be announced later this year, presumably at the E3 conference in June.


UPDATE: Nintendo has responded to the report, telling IT Media: “This is not an announcement from our company. Production is scheduled to continue on and after the next quarter.”

While this may seem like a denial, Nintendo’s next quarter (and new fiscal year) is only a week away, on April 1st. So technically production could continue beyond the next quarter (October for example) and end, which would result in Nikkei being correct that production will end in 2016.



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