Ratchet and Clank gets new story trailer, preorder bonuses

by Joshua Russo



Everyone’s favorite Lombax Ratchet and his self-aware robot pal Clank are getting a small screen game and big screen movie next month. James Stevenson, the Community and Marketing Lead for Insomniac Games, took to the PlayStation Blog to discuss the upcoming releases and debut a new story trailer for the remake of Ratchet and Clank.

Stevenson touched on the similarities between the upcoming game and the film, stating that the were “complementary pieces”, but also touched on the differences that can only be done better with one form of entertainment versus the other. The post closed with a tidbit of information about what preorder bonuses consumers can expect when preparing to return to Solana galaxy.

The game will be available on April 12th and the major motion picture from Gramercy Films follows shortly thereafter on April 29th. For fans of the series we also have a pretty sweet pre-order bonus. You’ll gain access to one of my favorite Ratchet & Clank weapons of all time, the Bouncer, if you pre-order the game on PlayStation Store or at a participating retailer by April 11th.




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