Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV revealed anime, a movie, an audi, a release date and so much more

by Joshua Russo



After nearly a decade in development, Final Fantasy XV is finally releasing this summer on September 30th. The news leaked earlier today but was officially confirmed tonight in Hollywood, California at “Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV”. Hosted by Greg Miller and Tim Gettys from KindaFunny.com, the event was scheduled to “offer new information on the game as well as key surprises that speak to the full entertainment experience”.

One of the many announcements was the theme song of Final Fantasy XV, which is “Stand by Me” by Florence + the Machine. New gameplay footage was shown off that revealed that music from previous installments of Final Fantasy can be listened to from the player’s car stereo.

Footage also revealed the return of the beloved chocobo, the giant mountable birds the series has become known for.

Five episodes of a Final Fantasy anime, “Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV “, were announced. The first of the five episodes can be watched on YouTube here.

A full length CG movie titled “KingsGlaive” was also announced. Voice actors for the film were also revealed during the show, with Lena Headey voicing Luna, Aaron Paul as Nyx and Sean Bean as King Regis.

Perhaps the strangest thing shown at Uncovered was a limited edition Audi R8 replica of the car that appears in the game.

A pinball style mini-game called Justice Monsters Five will be playable in Final Fantasy XV and will also release on smartphones.

A demo titled Platinum Demo Final Fantasy XV was announced and will be available for download later tonight. The demo is not a part of the game, but tells a separate story and allows players to play as young Noctis. Playing the demo will unlock Carbuncle in Final Fantasy XV.

After all of the unorthodox announcements of the evening, a predictable collector’s edition and deluxe were revealed. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition is $269.99 and is exclusive to the Sqaure Enix online store.

At the end of the show Greg Miller punched the big red button that had been sitting there all evening to revealed a slot machine that revealed the release date for Final Fantasy XV – September 30th 2016.



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