Leaked God of War 4 art takes Kratos to Valhalla

by Joshua Russo



Yesterday Nerdleaks discovered a hefty amount of artwork and concept drawings that are allegedly from the next God of War game. They were found on the personal website of an artist that worked at Santa Monica Sony last year. The name Kratos appears in concept art drawings, and a bearded axe-wielding Kratos can also be made out.


Two Norse mythology locations are found in the art, Alfheim and Vanaheimr. Norse mythology has often been the first suggestion of where to take the God of War series next, now that Kratos has dealt with the Greek deities.

Since the leak, both Nerdleaks’ website and Twitter account have been taken down, but a back up of the artwork is still up on NeoGAF. Polygon has also spoken with sources that have verified that the artwork is real.

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