Red Dead Redemption 2’s leaked map shows game takes place before Red Dead Redemption

by Joshua Russo



NeoGAF user Mideon posted a map claiming it was from a new Red Dead game, asking for help comparing it with Red Dead Redemption’s map. Mideon later removed the image after claiming their source asked for it to be taken down. Of course once something is posted online, there is no getting it back. RDR2MapLeak

After the map was posted, Techradar is reporting they have spoken with a source that has confirmed that the map is authentic and a “very recent” version of the setting for the next Red Dead game. Techradar’s source also verified that the game will take place before the events of Red Dead Redemption, something that can be interpreted by the lack of railroad tracks in the Great Plains area of the map.


Another interesting revelation from the map is a place named New Bordeaux. New Bordeaux is the name of the setting for the upcoming Mafia 3 game, which is also published by Take-Two Interactive. Take-Two Interactive has stated that they will be at this year’s E3 “in a big way”. E3 will take place June 14-16.



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