Oxenfree is heading to the PlayStation 4 with brand new features

by Joshua Russo



Night School Studios debut adventure game Oxenfree is heading to the PlayStation 4 next month on May 31. Sean Krankel posted the news to the PlayStation blog.

Oxenfree will utilize the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller by using its light bar and speaker to mess with the supernatural radio. Extra scenes and endings will also be included, along with a special New Game + mode will also be added to Oxenfree, allowing players to play the story all over “with a new purpose.”

On the same day of the game’s release, a special dynamic theme will also be added to the PlayStation store. The theme will show Edwards Island in a number of states depending on the time of day you turn on your PlayStation 4.

Oxenfree tells the story of a group of friends who encounter supernatural events during a weekend trip. The game uses dialogue branches and choices to allow the player to progress the story in a number of different directions and endings.

Of course anyone who purchased Oxenfree for PC or Xbox One will also receive the extra features in a free update on May 31, when the PlayStation 4 version launches.



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