Stardew Valley console ports, multiplayer and localization “actively being worked on”

by Joshua Russo



It’s been just over two months since Eric Barone, better known as ConcernedApe, released his indie hit Stardew Valley. The game was released on PC and was very well received in both sales and reviews. Today Barone updated the game’s website with a post about what is next for the farming-simulator.

  • Version 1.1 — A substantial content update
  • Co-op Multiplayer
  • Localizing for non-english regions
  • Mac/Linux Ports
  • Console Ports
  • Merchandise

Barone went on to detail that the game’s publisher, Chucklefish, will work on porting, localizing and setting up the technical portion of the game’s multiplayer. Barone went on to say, “There’s no official timetable for any of this yet… Mainly I just want to let you all know that multiplayer, porting and localization are actively being worked on.”

Having Chucklefish help out has given Barone the ability to work on the next big update for Stardew Valley. Update 1.1 will include a lot of new features requested by the game’s community.

  • More late-game content
  • New farm buildings
  • New crops
  • New artisan goods
  • New advanced farming/producing mechanics
  • Shane and Emily will be marriage candidates. They will also have more events and dialogue as a result.
  • More marriage content for all spouses
  • More events for the non-marriage NPC’s
  • Improvements/Additions to mining and combat
  • Ability to move buildings and other convenience features
  • More bug fixes
  • More secrets
  • More small, fun touches to the world

The news is pretty exciting, especially for all those who want to play Stardew Valley but can’t because they do not have a PC. The next question is how many consoles will it port to and which consoles in particular?



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