Minecraft is getting a free PvP multiplayer mode next month

by Joshua Russo



Battling friends in Minecraft might be something many players already do, but next month an official multiplayer mode for just that will be coming to all console edition of the game for free. Senior Product Marketing Manager for Minecraft Jaime Limon confirmed the news on the Xbox Wire this morning.

The mode is appropriately titled Battle, and will allow PvP multiplayer combat in three predesigned maps. Every match can be different since the chests that players take resources from will include random items every time.

The matches will be a last person standing free for all, but players who perish will be able to stay in the game as a spectator in the form of a bat. Up to four players can play matches via split-screen while online battles will support up to 8 combatants.

The update for Minecraft‘s new Battle mode will roll out some time in June, with three free starting maps to play on. Additional maps will be released later in waves for $2.99. Battle mode will be coming to console editions on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U.



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