Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record ports coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC

by Joshua Russo


Capcom has confirmed Dead Rising ports to multiple outlets

After a leaked trophy list was spotted for Dead Rising on the PlayStation 4, Capcom has confirmed a port is in the works. They confirmed the news with both Eurogamer and Gamespot, adding that not only is Dead Rising coming to PlayStation 4, it’s also heading to PC and Xbox One as well.

On top of that, both Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record are also being ported to those platforms. Capcom did not say give any additional information but did say to expect more details soon.

Dead Rising is a popular open world series featuring hordes of zombies that player can take out with traditional weapons as well as some…unconventional ones. Dead Rising 4 is the next entry in the franchise and is scheduled for release later this year.



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