Masaya Nakamura, creator of Pac-Man and founder of Namco, has passed away at 91

by Joshua Russo


The “Father of Pac-Man” passes away at age 91

In a statement earlier today, Bandai Namco confirmed the news that Masaya Nakamura passed away on January 22 at the age of 91. Nakamura founded Namco in 1955 with coin operated mechanical horse rides on the roof of a department store. Namco later operated amusement parks before ultimately finding its biggest success developing video games. Nakamura created Pac-Man in 1980 and sparked the craze known as Pac-Man Fever. Guinness World Records named Pac-Man as the most successful coin-operated arcade game in the world.

Even at age 91, Nakamura was still involved in business operations at Bandai Namco and held an honorary position at the company when he passed away.




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