Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds lands on Xbox One this December

After much anticipation Microsoft has revealed today that the incredibly popular PC survival shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has an official release date for Xbox One, set for December 12. PUBG will be made available through the Xbox Game Preview program (early acces for console) and is priced at $30. Xbox One players will have access to some exclusive special cosmetic packs. Three packs you can purchase for a limited time: the PUBG warrior pack, Accessory pack, and the Tracksuit pack. Other than those, developer Bluehole states that they have no plans to offer any other in-game purchases. 

Bluehole has also announced that they are “on track” for the PC 1.0 release slated for late December, which will bring the game out of it’s Early Access stage. While Bluehole is working on both games simultaneously, they have assured all that the two will differ slightly from each other.



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