Owlboy heading to Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in early 2018

by Joshua Russo


Owlboy flaps his way to glory on consoles in February

Owlboy released one year ago today on PC and developer D-Pad Studio’s celebrated with a few special announcements. The biggest of those being that Owlboy will release digitally on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on February 13. D-Pad Studio uploaded a video to their YouTube channel that revealed Owlboy has now been translated to a dozen different languages and the update including the translations is available today. The critically acclaimed Metroidvania game was also marked 40% off for 12 hours only on November 1st to celebrate the anniversary. The video also included a few updates on merchandise and another title, Savant Ascent.

It was also mentioned that the console versions of Owlboy would be getting a physical release at an undisclosed later date.



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