Dragon Quest Builders heads to Nintendo Switch this February

Dragon Quest fans rejoice!

This morning Nintendo and Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest Builders for the Nintendo Switch will launch on February 9th. It will also include exclusive content not found in the Vita or PS4 versions of the game.

“Dragon Quest Builders features a large world to explore, including hidden treasures to discover and epic structures to build. Players can use their creativity to fulfill characters’ requests and build incredible towns using not only fun materials, but also their imaginations. In Terra Incognita – the game’s free-build mode – players can even upload their creations online, or download buildings made by other players.”

The game will still include its classic RPG elements we all grew up with like leveling up, quests, and upgrading weapons and armors but adds the sandbox element that is so popular. It’s essentially Minecraft meets Dragon Quest.

So get ready to gather rare materials, construct buildings and towns, explore a huge world filled with treasures all while fighting in real-time monster battles and riding the awesome Great Sabrecub on-the-go!

In case you didn’t see the trailer when it launched on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, check it out:



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