The Next Save Point is brought to you by multiple disordered personalities. What started as a hobby driven by passion for video games has spiraled into something already bigger than originally imagined, and growing.  Currently, all contributors to the Next Save Point reside along various latitudes of California.

Joshua RussoEditor in Chief/Podcast Host/Contributor – @DjoshUnchained

Joshua, aka Josh, aka Theodore Rex, started playing video games at the end of the 80s, before he even learned how to read. This may explain the quality level of writing found on much of the Next Save Point, and for that, he apologizes. Josh eventually learned how to read and write before joining his high school newspaper, where he contributed as a writer. After high school, Josh worked as a writer and later the Arts Editor on the award winning Southwestern Sun newspaper.

As far as gaming goes, Josh enjoys mainly single player games but will occasionally pay a stranger on Craigslist to come over and play a few games of Madden with him. Josh grew up primarily playing Nintendo, but thanks to his full-time job and poor financial decisions, he currently owns a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. His favorite franchises include Fallout, BorderlandsPokémon, Batman, Harvest Moon, Gears of War, Donkey Kong Country, Far Cry, Tomb Raider and Portal, just to name the good ones.

Physically, Josh lives in San Diego county, but psychologically he alternates between states of denial and entitlement.

Omar GonzalezPodcast Producer/Podcast Host/Contributor – @hateomar11

A natural born gamer, Omar’s love for video games began when given an original GameBoy as a wee lad and fully blossomed after building his first PC at age 8 where his gaming skills and knowledge grew ten fold.  Omar brings an even balance of PC and console gaming knowledge to Next Save Point and is the funniest person on the show.

Gerry Rocha – Podcast Host – @GerahX

Gerry “Radroach” Rocha is the eldest and most experienced gamer at the Next Save Point. Gerry grew up playing the best Nintendo Entertainment System games that Mexico had to offer, before ultimately moving north and settling in the United States of America. Gerry has a knack for remembering the names and faces of many publishers, developers, writers and executives in the gaming industry. Gerry’s well-rounded gaming background adds depth to conversations 0n the Next Save Point Show. Gerry raises points and counter-arguments less seasoned gamers might not consider, like the possibility that Perfect Dark is better than Goldeneye, or that the original Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire are the best games in the franchise.

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